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    The surefire efforts of "veteran intelligence operative" Jacob Wohl and longtime GOP lobbyist Jack Burkman to undermine the perceived enemies of Donald Trump have only been foiled by Deep State subterfuge such as modern zipper technology and the playing of Chumbawamba.

    They have engineered false allegations against prosecutors, presidential candidates, members of Congress, slain campaign staff, and liberals in hipster L.A. coffee shops. Nobody has written more boring erotic fiction than these two.

    Their next target could be you. Why wait for Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman's next fiasco? Generate one about yourself:

    MEDIA ALERT: Jacob Wohl, Jack Burkman to address at news conference

    Arlington, Virginia — Once again, conservative activists Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman to address and present new allegations from about .

    Press conference to address the
    at 12pm ET